5 Reasons why Police Marriages and Relationships Fail

The generalization that police marriages and relationships are more likely to fail may get couples more worked up than they normally should.

Marriages are not easy anywhere, especially when one couple has to deal with a profession that is so demanding.

According to this review article from Sociotelligence, the whole truth is that not everyone agrees on the popular belief that police marriages have higher divorce rates, even those backed by studies.

All the same, consider these 5 reasons why a police relationship may fail;

Job Hangover carried over to the Home

When habits and behaviors that may be necessary for the job are brought home, it may not end well most of the time. Imagine for a moment, being the fault detective in the house.

It is believed that since cops normally find the bad guys and try to nail them, there could be the adoption of the habit leading to a fault finder partner. Another way this has been looked at is cops are not very good at giving credits or compliments for the good things their partners do, but they find all the crimes in the world.

If there a police partner is seen as a habitual fault-finder it could degenerate into resentments in their relationship.

Public Service taking Precedence at unexpected times

It can be genuinely frustrating when your partner can be called at any time to deal with all social problems that need the police. The police are always ready for any situation that calls for their service and they always have their Ids on their person.

In most countries, police persons are very important public servants and this service can compete with their partners. Some police departments reinforce the idea that they are first married to their jobs.

Wives or husbands of police officers may not be willing to keep up with the absence and interruptions of their personal live.

Failing to seek emotional health assistance from professionals

Since the police are usually a resourceful person who is selfless and always ready to serve, one may be tempted to think that they do not need help themselves. With all the stress of work and family management, it could be overwhelming for the police officer couple.

It’s normal for a police officer to have the same challenges as other people do. Even professionals like doctors and nurses do need assistance too. So there is no need to get be ashamed of getting help. See more about routes to follow to handle stress relating to work and family life balance.

No preparedness for the lifestyle

Everything might be going well when the romance started until one summer; you just realize you cannot holiday! Too bad, when you don’t plan everything out about lifestyle expectations for the police officer family or partner.

Even when you are together, everything should be planned with the understanding that things can change. If a partner is not willing to adjust to the situation, which may mean having to schedule and reschedule activities or events, then the relationship may not sail through.

No compromise

Both the police and their partner should be ever willing to reach common grounds on everything. A partner that understands the way the police communicates and their sense of humor will enjoy the relationship than one who does not.

Reaching an agreement on house chores, taking care of kids, meeting times and everything in-between matters, yet there should be room for flexibility.