This site has been developed as part of RCMP’s ongoing commitment to communications excellence in dealing with the broad spectrum of media enquiries.

Specifically, it has been geared to give accredited media outlets access to a sole source that will host News Releases issued by the RCMP across British Columbia.

The RCMP formed a dedicated media relations program in 1989 to address the vital role played by the media in the communities that we serve.

As part of the Force’s commitment to a Community Based Policing model, it was essential that the RCMP adopt an open, transparent and effective communications link with those who depend on us for our professional police service.

That communications link is the media and it is through your work that we rise to meet one of our organizations most important core values, namely, accountability.

Presently, the RCMP in BC has more than 75 trained media relations’ officers through out the province.

These officers can be called upon to provide journalists and reporters with information relating to their respective area of expertise, responsibility or jurisdiction and are supported by a core communications group at the RCMP’s provincial Headquarters in Vancouver.

This Headquarters Communication Unit also acts as the primary conduit for media information on national issues that stem from the RCMP’s Canadian Headquarters in Ottawa.

We are proud of our new Web Page and the common look, feel and linkage that it shares with the RCMP’s National Website.

The BC Site has been under development for several months and has been designed with you, the media representative in mind.

We are confident that this new service will be another helpful tool to assist you and look forward to hearing from you on any areas where we can improve on RCMP media communication services.